The Home Network Storage Server Guide

The amount of content that the average person generates tends to do nothing but increase year over year. Between pictures, music, videos, computer backups, and other shared files it can add up to hundreds of gigabytes to many multiple terabytes. Then you can have the problem of not being able to access a particular file because it’s on the computer in your office and not your laptop. A network attached storage (NAS) server is a computer that is attached to your home network to store and share files and data between other computers on your network. In this guide I’ll take you from beginning to end through the steps of choosing, installing and setting up a NAS server for your home.

I tried to write this so that anyone from beginners to PC vets can hopefully get something out of this. Even if it’s just hardware recommendations, the steps to coming up with requirements, or the entire guide; I hope there will be some piece of information that everyone can get from this guide.

So let’s get started. Each of the sections is linked right below. You can start from the beginning or feel free to jump ahead to a part that interests you if you want. Just so you know, some pages will reference or build on things mentioned in previous pages.

  1. Coming up with requirements, processing needs, and a budget.
  2. Choosing the hardware (In Progress)
  3. Building the server and attaching to the network (In Progress)
  4. Installing the software that will run it all (In Progress)
  5. Getting the extras. (In Progress)

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