A Gamer’s Dilemma.

So with Christmas and the Steam Winter sale over now, I have A LOT of video games that I haven’t played. Between getting a PS3 bundle with 2 games, 2 Xbox 360 games, 7 games in the last Humble Indie Bundle, and 8 games from the Steam Holiday Sale I’ve built up quite the backlog. Of course this is on top of my existing game backlog which is already pretty long.

Which brought me to an idea about someway to track this backlog. A quick Google brought up a site called “The Backloggery” which lets you make lists and status’ of video games, but from what I could tell has to be manually updated. This always presents problems because most of the time if it has to be manually done, at some point it won’t get done at all. A favorite achievement tracker of mine is “TrueAchievements” which automatically updates achievements, but is Xbox specific (well, Microsoft gamerscore specific) and doesn’t have a good mechanism to handle backlogs because of the way it’s developed.

So this might be a little bit longer of a wish list that I’m looking for in a site, but if parts can be done separately I don’t see why they couldn’t be consolidated.

  • Cross-platform; all consoles and PC.
    • It would be interesting to see how overlap (same games on multiple systems) is handled
  • As automated as possible.
    • There probably will be some points that can’t be automated, but it seems the bulk should be able to.
    • Again, it would be interesting to see how a combination of automation and manual updates are handled
  • Have some statistics available.
  • Track progress over time.
  • Incentives to make progress.

Basically I want the best features from The BackloggeryTrueAchievementsxbox360achievements, and ps3trophies all on one easy to use site. Is that so much to ask? 🙂

UPDATE Additional thought 3/2/12: Some way to prioritize which games in your backlog you should play first. It would be cool to take different things into account to come up this; like Metacritic score, average time to completion, length of time owned, etc…


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