My DD-WRT setup

I upgraded my Linksys WRT54GL with the DD-WRT firmware a while ago and used it as a wireless bridge for internet access in my bedroom where there aren’t any ports (yet). I was using an old D-Link wireless router as the main router, but wanted the upgrade in functionality that DD-WRT provided. So I reset it back to “Factory” default and set it up as my main wireless router. This is mostly for my reference if needed later, but if it helps anyone who happens to stumble upon it later than even better.

Setup Tab:

  • Basic Setup
    • WAN Connection: PPoE
    • Service Name: blank <- I had a problem getting my DSL to connect when I would put in “Verizon DSL” the best thing I could tell from my searches was there is an issue with having a space in the service name.
    • Router Name: DD-WRT
    • IP/Subnet Mask:
    • DHCP Start IP:
    • Three boxes checked for DNSMasq
  • DDNS – Future Setup

Wireless Tab:

  • Basic
    • Mode: AP
    • Channel: 9
  • Security
    • Mode: WPA2 Personal Mixed
  • Advanced – All Default

Services Tab:

  • Services
    • DHCP Server, Used Domain: LAN & WLAN
    • LAN Domain: huss

Admin Tab:

  • Management
    • TCP Timeout: 300

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